Wastewater Department

Currently, the District provides sewer service for almost 300 customers in Montgomery County, specifically the subdivision of Uwharrie Point. Upon completion of the presently ongoing Badin Lake Sewer Project, the District will supply sewer service to a total of approximately 2,200 connections (5,500 customers) in Montgomery and Davidson counties. Handy has an agreement with the Town of Troy for the treatment of this wastewater and the new sewer system will include at least 50 miles of lines, as well as 11 major pump stations.

Wastewater Department Responsibilities

The wastewater department is responsible for maintaining an effective wastewater collection system for both residential and commercial users. This includes completing preventive maintenance within the system, preparing required reports, and developing and implementing various mandated programs. In addition to repair and replacement of existing sewer lines, grinder pumps/tanks, electrical control boxes, and valves, this department is also responsible for installing new service taps, and some line extensions.