Water Department

The District currently provides water service for approximately 3,100 connections (7,500 customers) in parts of Randolph, Montgomery, and Davidson counties. The distribution system includes four water tanks, and over 160 miles of lines. Handy’s water is purchased primarily from the Town of Denton and the source is the Tuckertown Reservoir on the Yadkin River. (The District also has an interconnection with Davidson Water which can be used as a back-up source or in the event of an emergency.)

Water Department Responsibilities

The water department is responsible for maintaining the District's distribution system to insure the flow of clean, safe water to residential, commercial, and industrial users.  This includes collecting necessary sampling, preparing required reports, and developing and implementing various mandated programs. In addition to repair and replacement of existing water lines, meters, valves, and hydrants, this department is also responsible for completing monthly meter readings, as well as installing new service taps, and some line extensions.